My Favourite Looks from the 2013 Golden Globes

While I, in reality, am not a fashion connoisseur by any means, I like to sometimes pretend that I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to who killed it on the red carpet of whichever award show happens to be relevant at the moment.  At this particular moment, that award show is obviously the Golden Globes, and there were definitely a few looks that (in my admittedly unqualified opinion) deserve recognition.  Courtesy of Getty Images, those looks, in no particular order, are:

1. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez wore the sh*t out of this dress by Zuhair Murad.  The fabric hugs her famous curves, creating what I can only describe as being a “bombshell” look.  I’ve read some critiques regarding the sheerness of the dress but like…this is Jlo we’re talking about.  Wearing sheer dresses is what she does best.  Also, her hair and makeup are on Point with a capital “P” (but then again, aren’t they always?).

2. Leonardo Dicaprio


I think Leo looks great here.  Better than he’s looked in a while.  The dark hair is a good look for him, as was his decision to wear Tom Ford (who, as A Single Man showed us all, is incapable of designing a sub-par men’s suit).

3. Amanda Seyfried


I adore how ethereal Amanda Seyfried looked in this Givenchy number. Her decision to opt for minimal makeup complimented the tone set by the dress and her cascading locks (which somehow never cease to look absolutely flawless).

4. Kate Hudson


It’s all about the Cleopatra-esque collar with Kate Hudson’s Alexander McQueen dress. Love it.  The one qualm I have with her entire look here is her hair which, in my opinion, should have been up so that us viewers at home could have fully appreciated the regal quality being served by McQueen’s creation.

5. Ben Affleck


I absolutely love the cut of Ben Affleck’s suit jacket (which is apparently Gucci).  His choice to opt for navy (or is it royal?) blue was also a nice change from the predictable black tuxes that always grace the red carpet.  Paired with the beard, he’s giving me Old Hollywood vibes which is always (and I mean alwaysa good thing.

6. Anne Hathaway


I wasn’t surprised in the least to read that Anne Hathaway’s dress is Chanel (Chanel Haute Couture to be exact).  It just screams Chanel (doesn’t it?) with its simple sophistication. Somehow, I feel like her pickie-cut actually serves to uplift the sophistication of the dress even more.  As such, I can’t find a single fault in her entire look.

As for the ceremony itself, the highlight, to me, was what Kristen Wigg and Will Ferrell did in the video below.  I’ve re-watched their shenanigans at least five times since the footage was posted online and cried with laughter every single time.


Why They Gotta Do My Baby Leo Like That?

F*ck the Academy.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s reflect on the travesty that is the sick reality in which we live where Leonardo DiCaprio does not have an Oscar.  If that sentence alone doesn’t boil your blood, consider for a moment the fact that Jennifer Hudson does.  Sandra Bullock, too.

Now, on to this year’s nominations.  Bradley Cooper (who rightfully used to bellhop Leo’s bags up to his hotel room) has somehow scored a Best Actor nom.  Same goes for that Hunger Games chick in the Best Actress category.  As for Leo… Well, according to the Academy (rolls eyes), Mr. Dicaprio (who, let’s be real, is one of the most consistent, talented, and hard-working actors of his generation) is not in the same league as the aforementioned performers.  The man who’s lost his wife in at least three of his films, played Johnny Depp’s mentally challenged younger brother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, a historical figure with severe OCD in The Aviator, a drug-addicted teen in The Basketball Diaries, and (most recently) an inexplicably evil plantation owner in Django Unchained, is allegedly not on par acting-wise with Bradley Cooper from The Hangover.  I don’t know which Academy members’ wife Leo slept with (because, again, let’s be real, that’s the only plausible explanation at this point), but damn, can the guy catch a break?

Final thought:  If, God forbid, Cooper is awarded an Oscar before Leo, I swear on my Titanic DVD that I’ll never watch the Academy Awards again.