Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes are Expecting: Why Do I Care?

I don’t subscribe to The Saturday’s gospel. I have never heard a JLS song in my life. Neither Rochelle Wiseman nor Marvin Humes is on my day to day (Canadian) radar.

Why then, am I so freakin’ thirsty when it comes to information about their recent nuptials and upcoming baby? Why do I find myself YouTubing videos of the two of them together and following Rochelle on Twitter, eagerly awaiting more TwitPics of her and her new domesticated life? Why does the photo below make me twitch with jealousy? Why is this the post I’ve decided to make after a year of absence from this blog? Why, in short, do I care?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Rochelle is only a year older than me. Maybe it’s because my current life more-so resembles Hannah’s from the HBO series Girls that that of a rich, beautiful U.K. popstar who’s just married another rich, beautiful U.K. popstar.  Maybe it’s because pictures like these serve as yet another reminder that although I’m in university, I’m still single, unemployed, and living at home with my parents.

Alas, when all’s said and done (i.e. when I’ve managed to quit moaning long enough to finish this post), I wish “Marvelle” (not my name for them, I promise) a lifetime of happiness together. Even though they’re not, like, on my radar, like, at all…

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