Christmas To-Do List 2012

Two years ago I posted a Christmas/December to-do list on my tumblr page.  Revisiting the list today, it was obvious that I was fixing to have some sort of ‘Hallmark Channel’ Christmas at the time, what with such tasks as “Peruse Kensington Market for vintage Christmas sweaters” and “Get tipsy off some eggnog” on the bill.  Two years later, basking comfortably in the gift that is hindsight, I can figuratively psychoanalyze myself as I was back then and consider the circumstances which lead me to write such a whimsical list in the first place.  I was hundreds of kilometers away from home in a town that annually displays arctic-like temperatures and similarly dismal stretches of daylight by mid-November, bogged down with so many papers and assignments I wanted to scream, and operating on an average of four hours of sleep per night.  Riddled with so much anxiety, I went to my proverbial “happy place” and formulated a list of provisions that I felt would make for the perfect Christmas holiday — hence the list.

This year, having been given the opportunity to commence my Christmas holiday a few weeks earlier than usual (I’ve been back home since the 14th), my to-do list is decidedly less ‘Halmarky’ and more of the ‘Charles Dickens’ variety.  While tasks such as “Avoid all major shopping centers until January 1st” are still in effect, others like “Try every new flavor on Starbucks’ holiday menu” will not be repeated.  This is due to the fact that I’ve decided to take a firm anti-consumerist approach to Christmas this year, one that’s less about vintage Christmas sweaters and more about nights by the Christmas tree with my family whom I don’t see nearly enough when I’m away at school.  Gift-giving will thus be a one-sided affair on my part, with me doing the giving and my friends and family doing the receiving (this will no doubt be a hard idea for my mother to warm up to as she can’t stand the idea of not getting me a present).

So here it is, my Christmas/December to-do list for 2012:

  • Spend evenings/nights watching quality Christmas movies (on DVD and TCM) with the family
  • Make Christmas desserts (cookies, cakes, etc.) throughout the month for the family to enjoy
  • Help Mom decorate the house and Christmas tree
  • Arrange family-centered winter activities (e.g. ice-skating)
  • Attend mass on Christmas Eve
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Avoid all major shopping centers (i.e. Fairview Mall, Scarborough Town Centre, the Eaton Centre, Yorkdale Mall, etc.) until January 1st, 2013
  • Let my family and friends know how much I love them and how glad I am to have them all in my life

Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes are Expecting: Why Do I Care?

I don’t subscribe to The Saturday’s gospel. I have never heard a JLS song in my life. Neither Rochelle Wiseman nor Marvin Humes is on my day to day (Canadian) radar.

Why then, am I so freakin’ thirsty when it comes to information about their recent nuptials and upcoming baby? Why do I find myself YouTubing videos of the two of them together and following Rochelle on Twitter, eagerly awaiting more TwitPics of her and her new domesticated life? Why does the photo below make me twitch with jealousy? Why is this the post I’ve decided to make after a year of absence from this blog? Why, in short, do I care?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Rochelle is only a year older than me. Maybe it’s because my current life more-so resembles Hannah’s from the HBO series Girls that that of a rich, beautiful U.K. popstar who’s just married another rich, beautiful U.K. popstar.  Maybe it’s because pictures like these serve as yet another reminder that although I’m in university, I’m still single, unemployed, and living at home with my parents.

Alas, when all’s said and done (i.e. when I’ve managed to quit moaning long enough to finish this post), I wish “Marvelle” (not my name for them, I promise) a lifetime of happiness together. Even though they’re not, like, on my radar, like, at all…